Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mors Kochanski DVDs

Two of the things I recieved in the post this week were DVDs by Mors Kochanski. As a living legend in Bushcraft circles he is one of the most knowledgable authors and presents information in a far more practical way than some other notable writers.
The two DVDs I got were "Sticks as Tools & Implements" and "Clothing and Sleeping Bags". The production and title pages are not world beating but they are functional and the sound and picture quality is good. They also contain a set of question to help highlight the most important concepts in each video.
Mors himself is a very exciting presenter to watch (of note he pronounces hus surname, Kochanski, with Polish pronunciation - a silent C). He works very quickly even though he is obviously making an effort to slow down for the cameras. He also uses his knife (a basic Mora) in what looks like an almost brutal fashion. He does explain that this is because in very low temperatures there is often a literal race against the cold to get things done.
The DVDs are definitely instructional and you do feel that you would be able to make the items in the Sticks DVD by following the instructions.
The Clothing DVD is incredibly informative and even better it mostly covers traditional clothing which you could pick up for sensible prices and ways of combining it. The advice is all relevant but as this winter has been mild and very changeable I wouldn't have had much call to put it all into practice.
I would seriously recommend buying these DVDs and when I've got some more money I'll no doubt add to my collection. I bought them through BensBackwoods on E-Bay who I would recommend as he was very easy and professional to deal with. They are also available through Mors' homepage at Karamat which has an article page of unpublished(?) information sheets by Mors which give you a clue as to his ideas on some things.


Pablo said...

Great review Sam. If his DVD instruction is anything like his 'live' teaching, I know what you mean about the speed. What the DVD won't show is his total enthusism. He was talking until 4 am on one occasion!
The DVD's look like a good investments.
Cheers, Pablo.