Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hatchets and Hawks

I've spent a bit of time over the last couple of days playing with trying to set up some of the bigger cutting tools. The tomahawk project is still going on and I've got one hafted and wedged like a convational axe whilst the other head is being worked on for patina but I've found it impossible to find anything remotely suitable for a haft that could be used as a friction fit in true 'hawk fashion.
I'm pretty plesaed though and the idea of carrying a small tomahawk head as part of the possibles bag is very interesting and is probably just an older idea that specialist tools like these.
However this has taken me 4 months of playing on and off so far and neither of them have yet to cut as much as a single shaving so far (not that you know it from all the wood shavings in my flat!)
I decided that until I've got the hawk heads set up (and they weren't expensive so it may be a futile task) I was going to try out the next closest thing.
As a result I picked up a Fiskars 500 hatched (8 inch). This is unusual as it is basically a very small (literally pocket) hatchet which effectively has a flat scandi edge rather than a normal convexed one. I'll let you know how I get on but I've already managed to make some pretty good fuzz sticks and cut my self fairly cleanly while playing.
I may get around to improving it as descibed by Old Jimbo on his website but it's not my No.1 project for the moment.


agi said...

yeah, nothing like cutting urself with an axe that u've just got today!
Good it's just a small cut! Be more careful with ur toys, me worries 'bout ya!!! ;-)