Monday, March 05, 2007

Cabin Research

I have spent a decent amount of time over the last week engaged in more research into property and cabin prices in this area. The more research I do the more suitable and feasible it looks. If this were a normal country I'd be able to go buy one today but as they say - Poland is for Poles - this means that it is very hard to get a mortgage here if you are foreign without 50% for a deposit.
The most likely style seems to be the A-frame which I like for its simplicity and the fact it looks clean and like it would shed snow (not that we had a lot this year). Domhurt make on in this style which comes in at about 540 sq feet and a cost of £4500. Of course you have to have the land and get it put up but I hope you get the picture.
Domy i Domki have modular homes which might be worth a look into as they would be easier to expand but they don't look as nice as the A-Frames


torjusgaaren said...

Cool looking huts!

Are you looking for a hut for a home or to stay in the woods in holidays?

sam_acw said...

A bit of both. I want to try get on the property ladder and countryside properties here are a lot cheaper than an equivalent size flat in a cmall city!
I also want to have more time for being outside and away from work