Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bushcraft w Polsce - Linki

It's been a busy week at work and life has been generally hectic this weekend too. As such there isn't a lot of fun stuff to tell you about from this week instead I'm using the opportunity to show you some of the relevant links for Polish sites.
Łowiec Polski is the glossier of the 2 main hunting magazines and is also hosting the Hubertus Expo in Warsaw next month which I'm hoping to get to go to. I'm not really up to reading articles but I like the adverts and things like the sunrise/sunset table and a list of what's in season when.
Brać Łowiecka is the second of the mainstream magazines and is the slightly less glossy of the pair, I do find it to be easier to read as well! Of particular note is the on-line shop operated by their parent company Oikos.

It is hard to compare these magazines to British ones. Shooting times is the closest equivalent yet Polish hunting seems slightly more traditional and there are entire sections based on Hunting Music and trophies dod seem to figure more prominently.
Oikos did use to publish a magazine called Survival which was more bushcraft orientated yet this seems to have gone out of print. I've found a really nice survival site simply called Outdoor Survival, which has an English language version. The Polish version is a lot more detailed though.