Monday, March 05, 2007

Book Review - Snow Walker's Companion

One of the toys which arrived last week was this book written by the people at North Woods Ways. Having read this back to back with Mors Kochanski's clothing DVD it is interesting to see two different viewpoints about outdoor clothing in extreme cold and whilst most of the advice is the same there are some conflicting bits (like wearing cotton shirts or wool sweaters).
The book is in many ways far more detail than I'll ever need but it is a nice one to add to the outdoors bookshelf. Indeed, if you're at all intersted in snowshoeing I'd thouroughly recommend this book although otherwise it is probably one to borrow rather than to buy.
To the writers credit it also includes lots of patterns and simple advice about kit rather than an expensive shopping list like so many outdoor books. There are patterns for mitts and muklukks and tents as well.
The links still seem to all work and information about suppliers seems to be up to date and apparently this was the main reasson for this latest version being published.
The book is enjoyable to read and it deserves it's place on the bookshelf of anyone who lives in an area where they can get a white winter. You can get the book here and another review can be found at or at the