Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Baked Beans a la Kephart

Tonight was the first of my cooking related experiments. I followed a Recipe from Kephart's camp cookery book.
I took a couple of hand fulls of white beans and soaked them overnight. Next the beans were par-boiled (just in water) for about 40 minutes.
After doing this (in my case the next evening) The beans are put in a pot on top of a slice of bacon (real thick stuff - about 20mm/1in thick) and a half spoon of salt and a whole one of sugar are added. They are topped up with water and then another layer of porky bits.
The whole lot is then covered with a lid and put somewhere pretty hot. Traditionally they were buried in ashes but I used my gas oven. It was at a temperature somewhere between 150-250 degrees C as it is totally impossible to regulate!
The final dish is ready anywhere from 2 hours upwards. In theory the longer you leave it the better it is but I was getting hungry and it smelled good by this time! It tasted nice but could have benefitted from using mollases or brown sugar, as recommended, rather than the boring white stuff I used. This would have added colour but it was otherwise a fine meal.