Monday, March 19, 2007

Any Requests?

A recent query about the best way to teach listening skills to my students led to my boss glibly replying that if I was interested then I could do a workshop presentation on it. This proved to be a great learning experience for me as it was something I wouldn't have gone into in as much detail otherwise.
I'd like to try to apply this idea to my woodcrafting exploits as with the weather improving and workload lessening I might finally be able to get out more. As a result I'm asking you, my dear readers, if there was any aspect of woodcraft/bushcraft that you'd like to see me go into and find out about and practice. I'm also open to trying to tackle any particular queries you have about the great Polish outdoors.
If you've an idea just drop me a line through the comment form.


Pablo said...

I'd like to find out more about tracking and particularly if there are any special techniques Polish hunters use.
By the way, I'm also interested in communication skills and have taught this subject extensively here in UK to law enforcement agencies.
I expect you already know that the traditional chinese character for the verb to listen is (apparently)made up of the characters for ears, eyes, attention and open heart. Quite impactive for students to see that.