Sunday, February 11, 2007

Woods at Firlej

I managed to get out to the woods in the snow yesterday. Agnieszka took me to see the woods near the cemetary at Firlej to the North of Radom. As the woods were mostly pine they looked very impressive in the snow.
It was an enjoyable hour or so and I was plenty warm enough wearing a few layers on top and a couple of pairs of socks including the sealskinz waterproof ones. My trousers aren't really up to it and I'm on the look out for a woolen pair or maybe a pair of skiing tights . Something like this but a lot cheaper!
As the woods were mostly pine it was a bit of a struggle to find what I wanted and when I did find a bit of fallen birch it was to cold to de-bark. I did manage to find some willow shoots which I cut with the little PSK knife. The cord wrap has started to slip down the handle already so I'll have to have a rethink on that. It was fine to use in the cold and effortless cut the shoots off close to the stump (up to finger thick). I'm going to use these for an experiment for the berry picker competition on the BCUK board. I also had a quick play with the blast match on some fine bits of birch bark but forgot to put it all on a hard surface so just got it snowy!
We also spotted some very cold looking - indeed probably frozen - yellow mushrooms on a stump in the snow.
All in all it was a good trip out and I hope to head back there later in the year. I'll let you know how I get on with the berry picker.


agi said...

It was a really nice walk, I agree. The woods looked fabulous covered with snow. However, it was Firlej we went to not Józefów, but it's just a minor thing.

sam_acw said...

Thanks for that! I've changed it now.