Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Toys Arrive!

As I was leaving my flat this morning to go to work I had the good fortune to bump into the postman on his way into the block. After a quick conversation I was given an armful of the goodies I spent my bonus on through E-Bay.
I've got the Mors Kochanski videos on Sticks as Tools and Clothing and also a book on snow walking and winter clothing.
I also got a first Frost's Mora after seeing Mungo's super review and 3 Cold Steel Canadians as this was a style I've wanted to try for years. I've already put two of the Canadians up for sale on the BCUK sales page.
I'm very impressed by all my new goodies and I can tell you I really didn't want to have to go to work today!


Mungo said...

Oh, there's nothing like getting toys in the mail huh? Once we've moved to our new house, I'll have a garage in which I can arrange my gear, and maybe I'll get something nice online... :-)