Saturday, February 10, 2007


As promised I'm going to tell you a bit about my stay in Toruń. It is a small city about 200km North West of Warsaw and it took about 5 hours to get there by train. We were staying in a nice little appartment which gave us a good view of one of the main streets heading towards the new square (Looking down Królowej Jawigi to Rynek Nowomiejski).
The city centre is very nice with an old town hall flanked by statues of a fiddler and Copernicus and many Bhurghers houses throughout the town. Although the town is now largely famous for Copernicus and Gingerbread (Piernik, named for the pepper/pieprz in it) it was originally a stronghold of the Teutonic Knights and a port town due to its location on the Wisła (Vistula).
Even today the centre still follows broadly the same layout as it did inthe 17th century and is one of Poland's World Heritage Sites.

Due to the status of the town as a port the most exclusive street was known as Sailor's Street (Żeglarska) and features the beautiful Dąmbski Palace (Excuse the bad photo).

Another building which is worth mentioning is the leaning tower, known as the Baszta Krzywa Wieża in Polish which you can see Agnieska posing in front of here.

One of my favourite buildings, which doesn't seem to appear in the guidebooks, was the tower used for the messenger pigeons which is known as Baszta Gołębnik and is nicely decorated with the arms for pigeons coming out of it. Rather grand for a pigeon loft isn't it!

The final picture for today is one of two very important Poles (!) we have Agnieszka standing in front of the statue of Copernicus who are both in front of the town hall in the Old town centre. I might add some more and better pictures when I get the photos from the other camera but I hope you enjoyed a little look at somewhere different and can forgive my Polish spelling and poor photography.


agi said...

I like this post! Toruń was class, but didn't expect the pics featuring me here ;-) (not that I mind :P)
And yeah, I'll forgive you ur poor Polish spelling ;-)

Anonymous said...

OK - no need to shout at your mother for not reading it properly! Looks very pretty, but cold! I liked the posh pigeon loft too - looks very like a place I saw in Holland.