Friday, February 23, 2007

Snowed In

Although the snow has returned once again, accompanied by it being -10 last night, I'm unfortunately not physically snowed in yet. However at work the exam courses I teach have made life very hectic with lots of extra hours teaching and more paperwork. I haven't really had a lot of time to make many updates through the week. As usual I have many projects on the go, all of them in a half finished state!
I should hopefully be able to make some progress on the berry picker soon whilst the tomahawk head is finally getting there. I've also got a couple of books which I shall review and whilst writing this the postman has delivered and old fashioned canvas bedroll I bought on E-bay.
I'm also continuing my research into wooden homes and cabins here including companies and prices. It all looks quite promising so far.
In the absence of any quality content here today I advise you to check Pablo's latest post - insprired by Nessmuk and Kephart like more stuff here should be!


Hissing Sid said...

Hiya, if you are interested in wooden cabins then you could try contacting my brother who is in Lublin. He's interested in them, in fact I think he might even own one. He's pretty much interested in traditional polish culture and you might find a trip to Lublin interesting as they have a working rural life museum/ village (linked I think on the website below) which I could fairly bet would give some hints about traditional polish bushcrafting skills if you know what you are looking for. Link is