Saturday, February 03, 2007


I managed to get a couple of useful things done today which were bushcraft themed. I've now got hold of some fine wet and dry paper for sharpening knives and I've got the Kopromed passaround knife to a lot better edge. I can now make fine curls on a matchstick with it but it still takes more effort than it should and I haven't been able to get it shaving sharp.
I also picked up some wax based polishing paste today which should be beneficial for stropping the edges of blades and for finishing up the tomahawk head when I have sanded out all the scratches. I just need to find an old leather belt to make a proper strop with and then things should improve greatly.
I also (with some vital help) bought 10m of 3mm orange cord. I'd been wanting to do this for a while and have already used up a couple of metres to do a cord wrap on the sheath and handle of my PSK knife. I'll try to post some photos later but I'm hoping that now the handle is thicker I won't get cramp so fast when using it. It also allows me to store some cordage on the knife and a lanyard makes gripping a short handle easier. Part of the goal is to use this little orange knife as a winter survival knife due to its colour. I hope that I could now use it wearing gloves should I need to although there is precious little winter weather this weekend!