Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Kit Suppliers
Benchmade - Doug Ritter's Knives
Tamarack Outdoors
Ben's Backwoods - the best E-bay store for woodcraft kit. Stocks Moras and Mors' videos! Highly recommended
Knives of Alaska - check out the "Yukon" in the fixed blades.

Custom Made
DeLaRonde Forge
TLIM - Polish Nessmuks (in Polish)
Swiat Nozy - World of Knives (in Polish)
Matt Lesniewski - ML knives (Polish name but USA)(also on E-bay)
Dale Chudzinski - Nessmuk Knives. Take a look on Outdoors Magazine for the latest news about waiting times. (Polish name but USA)
Idaho Knife Works - more Nessmuk's.

Modified Knives
Michel Montlahuc (in French)
Ohinel Opinels (in French)

Traditional Outdoors Skills and Articles
Jack Mountain Bushcraft
Karamat - Mors Kochanski's school
Buckshot's Camp - if you want to find out about trapping then this is the place

Blade Magazine (USA)
Tactical Knives - lots of woodsman knives despite the name (USA)
Backwoodsman Magazine - Looking to get a subscription of this one. Need to have a Visa card unfortunately. Get PAYPAL people!
Society of Primitive Technology - Another one I want to subscribe to but are Visa only. Get PAYPAL people!
Bushcraft UK magazine (BCUK) - Not bad, some nice Mors articles but a lot of kit reviews.

I will continue to update the links here as I find more sites and will use this post as a permanent links page.