Monday, February 12, 2007

Food - Preserving and Cooking

Following a thread on food preservation started up on the BCUK forum I have decided to look into making some types of trail food, most probably by drying food. Rather than shelling out for a dehydrator I'd rather have a go at building a solar one and there are ample sites on this if you simply look on google. One of the best is Perma Pak.
I have also been looking through my books again and a thread on cooking and camp food is common to all. To this end I hope to start trying out some of the recipes (probably in my kitchen till I get the hang of them) and letting you know how I've got on. I also hope to show you a few of the Polish equivalents and some of the similarities too. I can't promise how often I'll do these experiments and make posts but they will all be put under the heading "Food" for now.


Pablo said...

I tried some simple beef jerky last year. Great stuff and lasted for ages.