Friday, February 16, 2007

Compact Firebowl

I got my firebowl from E-bay in the post yesterday and have to say I'm quite impressed with it. The price was reasonable and the design is like on of those flying saucer shaped steamers you could get to put in saucepans. The official stats are

  • Weight 9.4oz
  • 7 inches across closed
  • 11.5 inches across open
  • Height 3 inches
The main US dealer is Industrial Revolution who also sell candle lanterns (wait for the weekend on this one!). I didn't go for the grill attachment as I've heard bad things about it (see here) and I should hopefully be able to have a fire without damaging the ground which is easier to clear up and it should still count as a stove or barbeque grill. I also hope to be able to be a bit bushcrafty and make a range/pot hanger type set up as seen here in Richard Graves Bushcraft.
I'm hoping to get to work on a couple of ultra budget/recycled projects as well soon to supplement some of the stuff on BCUK as budget kit. They will be following the food theme and hopefully I'll have a go with the firebowl when I find somewhere safe to put it (my Balcony ;-)