Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bed Roll

As I mentioned in my last post I got a bed roll through E-Bay last week and I'm looking forward to playing with my new toy. It is a simple canvas bag sewn up at the foot and 2/3 of the way at the open side. The top has an extra section stiched over for a pillow bag. It is made from some nice brown canvas and came with a rather bad mat inside it which'll probably never see the light of day.
According to Nessmuk you should be fine with simply
"A soft, warm blanket bag,open at the ends, and just long enough to cover the sleeper, with an oblong square of waterproofed cotton." That seems very minimalist and I think that Kephart is actually the more informative here illustrating several types but in the end I'm pleased with my buy. To save you all a little work I've taken down the dimensions here:
41inches wide by 78 long with the pillow taking up 12x41 at the top. There are double tapes along the bottom to roll it up and tapes along the open half of the side to let you secure the edge.


Pablo said...

Looks good Sam. I plumped for the more technical goretex bivvi bag. Will the weight cause a problem?