Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wool Coat - 5 months on

I was recently asked by someone on the BCUK forum about my experiences with my Bemidji coat over the last few months. You can see my initial impressions back here.
The coat is fairly heavy and if you are a very slight build it might be a bit cumbersome. I don't have a real problem with it though although if you hang it on a chair it does make the chair fall over! The biggest drawbacks are the lack of large pockets after the poachers one which is quite awkward to us and the fact that the top button is stiff so I usually wear a neck wrap instead of doing it up. The chest pockets are well suited for flat items and usually have a bandana and also a space blanket and first aid kit when I'm out.
It has been a very mild winter here until the last two weeks and I haven't really been out below -5 in it. The wool is close enough weave to shed a lot of water and turn the wind. With some sensible layers under it was fine for sitting outside doing nothing on a windswept Scottish Loch over Christmas. It seems to insulate well as it tends to collect a nice layer of snow on it when it is snowing.
In all I'm still very pleased with it and it is still doing a great job as the weather gets worse.