Tuesday, January 23, 2007


As I'm now fairly settled here I've been able to organise myself a subscription to the BCUK Magazine. It's a fairly good magazine which has some interesting bits in it. I'll probably keep buying it as there is has been some article I'm interested in in each issue so far. However I do think there is way too much kit review stuff in there which would be better replaceced with how-to and project articles. Mors Kochanski's articles have been the highlights so far.
I've also tried to sort out a subscription to Backwoodsman Magazine but they can only take credit cards unless you are in the USA. This half hearted approach to online sales really irritates me. Europe is still a place where credit cards often carry a large standing fee and people use debit ones instead. If it was that difficult surely they could just set up Paypal? Although I've not contacted them yet it looks like the Society of Primitive technology is pretty similar.
It is dissapointing when companies basically seem to say that they don't want your money.