Monday, January 22, 2007

Squeaky Clean

Today's post is probably one that'll please my Mum if she gets round to checking it. It's all about soap. Soap is really important for me for 3 main reasons:

  1. I don't like having dirty hands (and never have)
  2. First aid - check out the article on a budget survival kit by Kurt Hoffman
  3. Basic Hygene
I managed to get hold of the right type of stuff yesterday. It is called LEL and is available in the LIDL supermarket near my flat. You get two 200gram bars for about 3 Zl if I remember rightly. It is old fashioned hard soap not the fancy stuff with 1/4 cream in it.
On the wrapper it explains (in a wide variety of slavic languages) that is is for hands, families and clothes and is also biodegradeable. As it is nature friendly and hard it will fit well in a pack. I'm going to chop a bar up so I can keep a bit in my first aid kit and some in my possibles bag with all the other fun bits.
I've always liked to keep some soap with me - when I used to reenact I carried a bar of soap as I found out it was important to my morale. This soap is fine for most uses I've tried so far. It makes dirty hands clean, with a brush you can get a good lather for shaving (takes some time though) and it doesn't cause any funny reactions. The one problem is that it is unscented and doesn't really smell that nice!