Saturday, January 06, 2007

Slate tools

Over Christmas I found a piece of slate whilst I was in Scotland. This gives me an opportunity to have a go at making some polished/ground stone tools like those I mentioned here. I have since found a couple of other resources with an on-line museum of Alaskan Artifacts and a PDF file from
I have two pieces of slate (well I broke it into 2) and I hope to be able to make an ulu style knife and one of the spearpoint style knives that are sometimes known as Men's knives. Look at this PDF for a bit more information on the two styles.
Having had a go at grinding a few fragments it seems to be fairly easy but I need to look for some harder round stones for grinding and something with a point for drilling the necessary hole through the stones. I'll keep you updated with my progress as I'm trying to record every stage and will hopefully be able to get some use out of them as well.


torjusgaaren said...

Do you have any pictures of your slate?

One tip when grinding things in general: Though may seem more advantageous to grind along the edge, it is much faster to grind perpendicular to the edge as it removes more material per stroke. Use a flat, coarse stone to remove bulk material and go down to a finer sandstone in the end.