Thursday, January 04, 2007

Scotland Trip 2

Whilst I was in Scotland I did manage to get some bushcrafting done. A fair bit of time was spent just looking at the scenery and looking for the local wildlife. Hopefully I'll go through my Dad's photos for the deer pictures this weekend and add some info on Red Deer in Poland too.
I managed to pick up a few shells from the beach of the sea lock we were staying on very easily and there was a large amount of seaweed and a lot of mussels attached to the rocks which could be found at low tide. As it was Christmas we didn't need any extra food so they were left alone.
The area also has a very unusual (in my experience) feature. The ground tends to be very hard rock with very shallow soil. This means that on the slopes there are lots of fallen trees - you can see entire woods on fallen trees in some areas. In the hollows and dips it is very wet - almost bog like though. Unfortunately finding this out coincided with finding a hole in the rubber edging of my boots! I ended up buying a pair of sealskinz waterproof socks from a local camping shop until I can get the boots repaired.
On Boxing Day I made and attempt to split a birch log and turn it into feather sticks using my Frosts Knife. I found splitting a log with a baton fairly easy but it was difficult to control the direction of the splits. The big problem came with feathering the sticks - I'll post a picture of my next attempt but it is still basically useless. I can feather a matchstick, twig or anything else small fairly well but the second I deal with a larger piece of wood it looks like I have chopped not shaved the wood.