Monday, January 01, 2007

Scotland Trip 1

I'll start posting a few bits from my Holiday in the Scottish Highlands over Christmas. I stayed with my family in a chalet/cottage at Roshven Farm about 35 miles away from Fort William. It was nice to see a part of Britain that was new to me but all the steep sided hills and deep lochs are very different to the landscape of my chosen home!

I didn't have a lot of luck with finding the local wildlife although I have got some nice deer photos that I'll dicuss in a leter post. I also hope to get some pictures of the wondeful lichens and mosses growing on the many Birch trees in the area.

I'll leave you with a taster picture from about 700m up Aonach Mór in the Ben Nevis range on our quest to find snow at Christmas time. The picture also features Luca, my parents labrador, who is most definitely the centre of the family now and who has a habit of featuring in more photos than anyone else!