Sunday, January 28, 2007

Primitive Camping Kit

I've spent a few hours over the last week looking through books and websites at various items of gear I can get organised for this summer and for any general day-trips I get the chance to make before then.
One website with a few interesting links to follow up for those of you interested in the Nessmuk style of camping is at Jack Mountain Outfitters whilst Kephart's Woodcraft and Camping has so much information in it. I've also been looking through various re-enactment websites (mostly American fur-trade and civil war) at some of their camp equipment but I've not seen anything that really grabs me yet.
I've seen a type of primitive shelter tent which looks pretty usable called the diamond shelter - even Doug Ritter's site mentions them!
I've found a really nice article on primitive camping and an tutorial on making oilcloth cotton at the site of the Women in the Fur Trade group.
Currently my main goals are sorting out some sort of shelter along with blankets and a bed roll and then some cooking equipment. I really need some sort of abrasive of fine stone for getting my knives to the next step. I've been playing with the polish passaround knife this evening and it is really frustrating not being able to get a knife to shaving sharp - once they are there I can just strop them and they stay there. It'll cut now but when you try making curls on a matchstick you need to much pressure and it is hard to do. I did try to order a pocket sized diamond stone (1200 grit I think) from e-bay but it was eaten by the Polish postal system and never arrived.