Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nessmuk Trio - Sheath Knife

The third and final member of the trio is of course the sheath knife. I had wanted one of these for a while and eventually came upon a Polish custom maker who'd build one for me. I chronicled its arrival way back in September in this entry. Although Nessmuk did specify a thin knife this one has a thick spine yet is fully ground to make it quite thin at the sharp end.
I've not really been able to take it with me very often yet, partly due to my ignorance of knife laws here. I have used it for trying to rough out a branch for a handle and it produces nice slithers from hard wood without dulling noticeably and is also easy on the hand.
Most of the use has been in the kitchen which is in reality one of the main functions of the sheath knife. It is intended for doing the messy jobs which would mess up a sheath knife such as kitchen work and skinning and light chopping if necessary. It isn't really meant to be a wood carver. It works nicely in the kitchen but I'm no expert chef. It has tackled salami, pork, leeks, carrots and potatoes with out problem and the curved blade makes it really efficient. I would think that it be a lovely tool for herbs as the rocker would help give a demi-lune effect.
I'm really impressed with this knife and it is one of my favourite items.