Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nessmuk Trio - Pocket Knife

The first tool I'll explain in my trio is the folding pocket knife. Many people have tend to go for more traditional slip-joint knives when looking for the whittler in a nessmuk trio. It definitely doesn't need to be a big knife as you already have one of those!
I wanted a reliable knife with 2 blades. The SAK electrician plus is a knife I originally saw at the SOSAK website in a photo of the more robust alox (aluminium scale) models. I had regularly seen the Farmer model recommended in both the BCUK forums and the Tactical Knives Magazine. Indeed, I have one of these knives and it is very good but a single large blade is too awkward for me to do finer carving with. Finally I saw the picture in this article (2nd from bottom) and after figuring out that the knife was and electrician plus not electrical I managed to track one down on E-bay.
The knife has the usual main blade and a smaller (about half as long) sheepsfoot blade which was chisel ground. I changed this with the gentle application of a file and now it makes a lovely whittling blade. The knife also has a couple of other wonderful features. The awl is prehaps the most effective thing this side of a drill for making holes and also produces an almighty shower of sparks when used with a fire steel. There is also a good quality (although short) saw blade on the knief which helps to fill the only tool void in the traditional Nessmuk trio.
The only draw back of the knife is the lack of a keyring for a neck lanyard. This was fixed by getting Singtek of the BCUK forum to make me a very reasonable pouch for it which could be either on a neck lanyard or a belt. It has performed flawlessly so far and was definitely money well spent.
There you go - not a traditional pocket folder but the best for me.