Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nessmuk Trio - Hatchet

The heavy cutting element of the Nessmuk trio is traditionally a small double bit hatchet. I'm new to using axes and to be honest will probably have as much difficulty with 1 edge as I can cope with! Looking for smaller lighter axes was difficult and in the end I bought a pair of "Mouse" Tomahawk heads from E-bay. To be honest they need an awful lot of work. They were good solid metal but covered in oily black gunk and without a flat surface anywhere on them.
I have used a metal file and a dremmel sanding drum to take off the black goo and now I just have the task of flattening the faces and sharpening it. I have already managed to start the process of putting a nice bevel on the edge but I won't sharpen it till I'm right at the finish.
The other main problem is that the heads were shipped without shafts and I've not been able to find any useful information on hafting tomahawks anywhere. If anyone out there could point me in the right direction I'd be very greatful!
There will be more on this as I make progress - The top picture is the head at the start and if you look below you can see it now with a handle pushed in for photographic purposes.