Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Flintknapping: Making and understanding stone tools

One of the books I was given at Christmas was John Whittaker's book on flintkapping. I've still not managed to get all the way through the book - it is truly jam packed with information and for a beginner it has some really inspiring pictures. I particularly like the genuine first attempts the author shows us. I'm always a little suspicious when I see a "My first...." thread on any forum with excellent work.
The book has a short section on the usage of stone tools and also a history of flint knapping. It is nice to see the gun flint trade in East Anglia getting its share of history too. I hope to make a trip soon (maybe at the start of February depending on weather) to where a local flintcrop is supposed to be. Once I've done that I'll try to follow some of the step by step processes in this book. My other book on flintknapping is rather different in character and is called Early Hunting Tools by the appropriately named Matt Gravelle. This is a fun book to flick through and could be useful if you don't like lots of English text for some reason. The pictures are all fairly clear and the information concise. It is one of those useful books to remember when you are just a tiny bit short of qualifying for free shipping on amazon!


torjusgaaren said...

I second your opinion on Whittaker's book. It's the book I learned flintknapping from. It's a little academical, but still quite easy to read when you get into it.