Friday, January 12, 2007

Books again!

I'll just let you know about a couple of books that I was given and my initial impressions of them. I've not had a chance to really go through them in great detail yet.
The first is Camp Cookery by Horace Kephart. I got this largelt because of the author and I'm not disappointed. It has a nice humourous tone and some great info into how to get a brew fire or cooking fire set up.
Next is Baden-Powells's "Scouting for Boys". It is an interesting book and has some great bits in it. I wouldn't really recommend it as it is very preachy and political. Some of the ideas about teenagers are incredibly out of touch especially concerning citizenship and being patriotic. It is interesting as a primary source about a period in time and has some good sections but overall the messages about King, Country and Empire belong to a bygone era.
There is one older book I've brought back to Poland with me which is Prehistoric Cooking by Jacqui Wood. This is a really wonderful book about all the different food stuffs available to people in Britain before the Roman invasion and also contains info on primitive cooking methods. It is especially inspirational for me due to the sections with mentions on Central European food and mentions on Biskupin in Poland.