Sunday, December 10, 2006

Woods Time

I've uploaded some pictures from last weekend and thought I'd share them with you all. The first is shows one of the things I love most - being out when it is sunny.

I've also done a bit more work with the BRKT Survival Kit Knife. Here are the results of my attempt to make a fire poker as described by Nessmuk - I know it is too short but I was testing cutting ability on dead wood. I had to make a point and then baton in a pot hook a little further down.

The knife is great with a baton due to the nice and almost flat grind. I'll have to try to split out and feather some wood soon for a more survival orientated test. I wouldn't like to have do any long term carving with is as I think the handle is a little thin for my hand and I tend to get cramp using it.
It is fine enough to do some whittling with although I still favour my SAK. You can see 2 attempted twig roosters here - the bigger done with the Bark River, the smaller one with the SAK. I need to dry the wood a little longer to get more curl to the tail but I'm getting there. I've still only made a few roosters and I keep practicing my curls on matchsticks!

As a final thing, in reply to Torjus's comment on my last post, I'll try to get back to more interesting things soon but not having a lot of free time makes it difficult to get to the intersting places. I shall try to post something on the local laws and fauna too.