Sunday, December 17, 2006


I managed my last bit of woods time in Poland for this year yesterday. One of the girls from work showed me the woods at Jedlnia and after negotiating the buses we had a good walk there in the cold but sunny weather, indeed, the smaller of the two lakes had already mostly frozen over!
It was interesting as always to be out with someone else and try to remember the Polish names for trees.
We talked about some of the Polish traditions in the woods which include hugging a birch tree to feel better - Not that surprising when the sap is meant to have healing properties. In pre-Christian Poland the Birch was an important part of the religion.
It was surprising to see a few mushrooms still out - I couldn't identify any though. I found one bracket type on a dead branch that was almost neon yellow which I'll have to look up at some point. I also collected some birch bark which wants to be made into tinder.
All in all a good end to this year's activities - the next time I'm out in the woods could well be in Scotland.