Monday, December 11, 2006

Hunting in Poland

At Torjus' request I've dug up some more information on the legal aspects of hunting in Poland. You'll have to wait until I pick up and translate a few more bits for more info but the basics are here.
Hunting is all organised by one central national organisation which has the country divided up into different districts. The organisation is called Polski Zwiazek Łowiecki and controls training and legal issues as well. This kind of national legal body is the normal way for things to be here - The "Wild East" doesn't really start till you get to the Ukraine or Belarus (Białorus) from what I'm told.
The best summing up of the rules is here in PDF format at the FACE website.
Hunting here is seen as an expensive sport but is still part of common culture - it is normal to find hunter style dishes on a menu - "Po Mysliwsku".
It should be noted that it is slightly more difficult for foreigners to hunt here - before crossing the language barrier you would also need a permanent residency permit. Despite the existence of such a permit being contrary to the spirit of the EU (I don't know about the law but it was reformed a few months ago) these permits are still a fact of life.
Also worth pointing out is that Saint Hubert (Sw. Hubertus) is still very much a part of the Polish hunting scene. I'll post more on him in future but leave you with this neat little poem courtesy of Jaegermeister (the logo on the bottle is for St. Hubert) and a wikipedia translation.

This is the hunter's badge of glory:
That he protects and tends his quarry,
Hunts with honor, as is due,
And through the beast to God is true.


torjusgaaren said...

Thanks, interesting information. Good for Poland to keep the hunting for permanent residents only! Should be like that here too.

With ten times the population density of Norway, hunting obviously have to be a rare opportunity.

sam_acw said...

It isn't only for permanent residents if you have enough money - it seems to be around 1000 euros for a Boar and up to 4 times more for deer on some holiday pakcages.
The money all goes to the hunting body which spends it on improving areas and game rearing.

John said...

I have always found information on hunting in other nations interesting. I have been a lifelong hunter here in the US. Since I was a child my father and I have hunted many years. Even still, we hunt each fall together at least three times a week or more.