Monday, December 04, 2006

All Cleared Up Now!

The dreaded fog finally lifted towards the end of last week however this co-incided with me feeling more than a little bit under the weather. It is hard to get time off work here too as you cannot "self certify" you need a doctor's certificate from day 1 off the illness.
I should hopefully be able to post some photos of testing the little Bark River PSK knife tomorrow as well as a pair of chickens.
I'm pretty busy in all as in a little over two weeks I head homewards for Christmas. Hoping to try a little bit of British bushcraft over the 2 weeks but I'll be travelling a lot - It could be a 4000km round trip by the time I've finished!
For those of you with a little spare time over the next couple of months check out the Bowsaw Competition at BCUK. I'll enter if I can think of an original way of doing things.