Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Woodcraft in the 1920s

I have come across pages of this site before as it contains a lot of information on traditional scouting - back when you formed a scout group with your friends and did things.
Of particular interest to me is the section by Ernest Thompson Setton called the Birch Bark Roll. I'll be slowly reading my way through this and the other online books from last week and hopefully come up with a few morsels of information for you all.
I'm still looking for info about the book Nessmuk mentions when discussing fishing. It is Fish and Fishing by Frank Forester - however that is a pen-name and the author was actually Henry William.


Pablo said...


I think the full title is "Fish and Fishing of the USA and British Provices of North America". His full name was Henry William Herbert. Unfortunately, it's not on Guthenberg but his Warwickshire Woodlands is.


Hope this helps. Damn, late for work now!