Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sunny Saturday

The second half of this week was a bit stressful at work - I am getting irritated with some of the teenagers. That's before we get onto the paperwork!
I've finally bought a printer for my computer so I can organise some of the projects. The Book "Practicing Primitive" by Steve Watts has a lovely framework for a primitive skills programme and I'm thinking of adapting it to give me some sort of logical way of doing things. It could also function as a sort of primitive "shopping list" of things to make.
I hope to get out tomorrow but I'm prety knackered at the moment.


torjusgaaren said...

Teenagers are annoying creatures! Poor you.

About learning primitive stuff: Break a rock that looks homogenous like flint and it may be usable. You don't really need to learn knapping properly. Being able to make sharp edges is the thing that is important to begin with.

After that you really have what you need for whatever projects you can imagine. But I would assume that an axe is high on your list. It was on mine. And antler axes work beautifully. ;)