Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Stroll

I went out for a quick walk around the woods today. It was lovely and sunny but this meant that everyone had taken the opportunity to come out. There were even a few still mushroom picking by the looks of things.
There was also the largest concentration of irate pitbulls being taken for a walk I have ever come across!
I took a couple of photos I'll try to post later in the week and also some twigs for a bit of whittling practice. I also used it as another chance to try out the Bark River PSK knife. I'm slowly becoming accustomed to this knife but I'm still undecided about it. It has a lot of good points but also a few things I'm not so sure about. I managed some batonning as demonstrated by Pablo here and was impressed with my relative success in a first attempt. However the edge does get turned easily - prehaps I'm not taking the wire edge off just straightening it sometimes?
I've also had another attempt at a twig chicken - look here to see what I mean. It was only a third full attempt and the best yet but it still looks decidedly ugly. I ought to follow the instructions rather than just try to remember them!