Saturday, November 18, 2006

Starting the Test

I've been playing with the Bark River PSK knife this afternoon and have a few things I've figured out about it.
Firstly my example has already seen a bit of use as it has a scratch along the blade and a couple of nicks in the handle. The tip of the blade also had slight nick or bend in it which I sorted out with the very gentle application of a metal file. I've also stropped the knife up on a leather belt as it wasn't really sharp enough for a fair evaluation.
So far I've not managed many woodcrafty activities with it yet it has performed the mundane things well. As I live in a company flat there are naturally no decent kitchen knives and it has done some of the dull jobs such as slicing and spreading cheese and opening packets and boxes so far.
I've also used it for a bit of whittling at a piece of dry beech. Before sharpening it wasn't very impressive but I've got it so that it is making nice long planing cuts now. Carving seasoned wood isn't really a survival activity but it is one of the few sensible tests of sharpness I know. I think I'll have to have a go at filleting some Mackrel at some point as that always seems like a good test too. I've got quite a few more ideas for testing but you'll have to wait until I've done them to find out all about it.
One final not is that the sheath is still devoid of any wrapping as there was no shop assistant to be seen in the rope and chain section of the local DIY store. It's a bit sad as they had some lovely 3mm orange cord!