Saturday, November 18, 2006

Shaving Sharp

I think the average bushcrafter tends to be quite keen on all things sharp. Indeed if you follow the bushcraftuk forum there tend to be an awful lot of threads in the edged tools forum.
One of the periodic topics is talking about traditional methods of shaving. This has inspired me over the last year to dump the Super Tap Dancing Vibro Mega Multi blade job and go to using a traditional safety razor (with a double edged blade). Not only does this work better but you can buy ten blades for the price of one multi blade and each individual blade would probably outlast the fancy model.
I've gone a step further this week though and I'm now experimenting with a cut-throat razor which uses the same disposable blades. It is a bit scary to use as I haven't got the hang of it yet but it does do an incredible job!