Saturday, November 11, 2006

Polished Stone tools

I've been trying to research some info on polished stone tools recently as my knapping skills are not really much above "bashing" and apart from the effort of grinding tools of this construction seem to be simpler and more durable.
I found little info about knifes which were just ground and it appears that flint was not always the commonest material for this. I found one lovely picture of a chinese knife with constellations supposedly carved into it
Prehaps the most famous types of ground stone knives are the original slate ulus of the inuit people. The shape is meant to be ideal for food preparation, leather work and skinning and the design has been found back as far as 2500BC.There is another style of ground slate knife which can be seen as item 4 on this page. There is also a good article about the tradition of Ulu style (semilunar) knives a bit further south here.
Whilst trawling the internet for lithic tools I also came across this site which may be of interest to any European readers - Flintsource.Net which has a supply of flint not many miles from here. Now if I can just figure out how to get there without a car....