Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NRA Survival Kit - A 3 Wheeled Ferrari?

One of the items I got in the post yesterday was an NRA Survival kit. Now aside from the NRA associtation, which to a British mindset tends to be a bad thing, this is an odd kit.
I've termed it a 3 wheeled Ferrari which is an odd metaphor but it serves my purpose. The kit contains some of the highest quality items I've ever come across yet there are many basic items which are simply not there. It is like a beautiful car with a few vital parts missing.
In General kits are broken down into segements when reviewed. I'm going to do this too here, based on my initial impressions.
Food and Water
As the NRA kit consists of an Otter Box with a Blastmatch, Wetfire (and strikeforce?) tinder, a Jetscream whistle and a Starflash mirror it is obviously going to fare badly in many categories.
Having spent 4 hours invigilating exams today I've had ample time to think of something constructive to do with this kit and have come up with the following. I'm going to evaluate the individual items in turn (and look at what others think) and use the kit as a basis of a winter cold weather survival kit.