Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kephart Knives

As I mention in the blurb at the top of the page Horace Kephart and "Nessmuk" are two of the big inspirations for me and two of the most influential writers. Unfortunately my copy of Camping and Woodcraft (quick review here) didn't come to Poland with me and will probably get collected at Christmas however there are some nice resources online including some photos of his original gear at Horace Kephart: Revealing an Enigma.
This site also has a wonderful picture from a Colclesser Brothers Catalogue which I have borrowed here.
This was all brought back to me whilst wandering aroun the local hunting shop on Thursday when I saw some Kopromed knives first hand. Looking through their catalogue you can see the Model 13 which looks a pretty good fit for a (cheap) Kephart replica. Sadly this isn't an original idea though, in the press articles section someone from Tactical Knives wrote about this 7 years ago!
The knife is cheap and light and also only 2mm thick so it should be a good slicer. I'm probably going to get one soon to play with and if I like it I'll see about customising it. If anyone reading this is interested in getting one then they can contact me as I think 20 Euro shipping for foreign orders is a bit excessive.