Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints Day

It's All Saints Day in the Catholic calendar today so I've had the day off of work and been very busy not doing a lot. I was planning on a walk but I got rather drenched on Sunday and all the public transport is out of its normal order today as well so I decided against it.
I'm making slow progress on a couple of projects.

  • Tomahawk Project - I'm still looking for more info on this - maybe an Amazon investigation is in order
  • Drying Mushrooms - All done, they should keep well now. I just have to find what to use them for and something else to dry so I can practise my technique. Dry food doesn't weigh a lot!
  • Elder pipes - I've de-barked them and they are drying out nicely. I probably should have taken thicker branches so I'll have to be real careful hollowing them out.
  • Compass - I need to buy a proper cocmpass and a new mini one for my survival kit or keyring.
  • Cordage - I had a go at nettle cordage this summer with a modicum of success. I've reverted to bought natural fibre string for now though due to laziness and I'm practising my knotting and braiding skills again. I hope to have a go at making a net and prehaps a netting needle too.
I've also been thinking about winter outdoor wear and I shall be on the hunt for a good pair of cords as I don't have much in the way of non-work clothing.