Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weather and Arrivals

The weather here is finally working its way towards winter. There has been a very mild frost over night on a couple of days and it has been definite coat weather.
I've been wearing lots of clothing already, largely due to me having a cold. The Bemidji Coat is holding up well and the poachers pocket has so far proved fine for carrying DVDs and books as long as I remember not to sit on them.
I've also got a couple of the new bits for my personal mini kit this week. I got a LED torch (it's purple and came from Australia via E-bay) and a credit card sized magnifier.
That is light and one method of fire starting sorted hopefully the other things will arrive over the next few weeks.
I've also been perusing a few of the US Army style survival sites recently and in amongst some of the macho stuff and rambo knives there are some really good tips. One site with a load of ideas (check out the hypothermia survival kit) is Ranger Rick's as long as you filter what you read there is a lot to be gained from places like this.