Monday, October 16, 2006

Survival Key ring

This weekend I spent some time e-baying for my daily carry kit components. So far I've managed to pick up a credti card sized knife sharpener and similarly sized fresnel magnifier (flexible plastic). I've also got a keyring LED torch to replace my maglite (leaving that for the possibles bag) and a couple of keyring pill vials. So far it has all been very cheap - a couple of quid here and there. When I add some plasters, foil and some other goodies it'll be fine.
I do have 1 problem though. The only really small firesteel I can find is the Boy Scouts of America's hotspark flint. These seem to be really easy to find in the US and only about $2.50. However I can't find a resonable priced one on the web - the basic cost is typically 3 times this apart from the official scouts site. This site is set up for groups so postage is intended for big orders - I won't pay $25 dollars for an item 1/10 of that cost! This is especially true when something this size could probably go as standard airmail.
If anyone knows any good sellers or is prepared to help out drop me a line!!!!


American Bushman said...


Drop me your address and I'll get one in the mail.


Anonymous said...


The cheapest I can find is here

Ranger flint £2-50 each. Hope this helps.