Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pouch by Singtek

Yesterday I got a pouch in the mail for my Swiss Army Knife. The Electrcian Plus model I am using (it has one small sheepsfoot/wharncliff blade instead of a can opener but is like a SAK Farmer) doesn't have a lanyard ring on it. As a result I was looking for a nice way of keeping said knife on my person when I'm out and about and I'd gotten used to using a neck lanyard.
In order to do this I wanted a leather pouch I could have as either a neck pouch or on my belt. I saw some of this work on the BushcraftUK forum and contacted the maker, Singtek, to see what he could do.
The result is pretty impressive and was also incredibly quick. I was really impressed by not only the input I had but also the quality of the work. Hopefully the pouch and SAK can make their debut this weekend.
This week's posts will be a bit kit orientated as a lot of things all appeared at once (Knives, pouches, books).