Sunday, October 29, 2006

Old School

I've been browsing for information on tomahawks recently and came across this nice site called the Black Powder Notebook about a reenactor/hunter using gear in the style of 18th century America. As I'm I keen reader of fur trade type literature when I can afford it this is a nice little resource.
This then reminds me of my own reenacting past with the Lazy Jacks Mess one of the most authentic American Civil War reencatment groups outside the US. I used to do a lot with them and even have a few articles and pictures up on the site still but alas the expense and time commitments got too much whilst I was at university.
The pictures show me (on the right of the 3 people) looking fresh faced (Can't believe it was 5 years ago!) and a typical camp of ours.
This was a great experience for me and was the time I got to camp outside without all the modern kit and with real fires.