Sunday, October 01, 2006

Looking Ahead

Now I've been in town a few weeks I'm getting settled in and I've also got through the first week of teaching. As a result I'm now planning my next excursion which will most likely be to the Kozienicki Park Krajobrazowy (it translates loosely to "Scenic Park") which is the local woodland and the third tier of parkland. It must be remembered that 80%-90% of Polish forests are nationally owned meaning free access and that they still exist. Not sure of the rules but I won't be doing anything to extreme so I should be ok.
There are 10 of these parks within 2 hours (by bus) of here and also the Swińôtokrzyski National Park with the oldest mountains in Poland.


Anonymous said...

Here is some camping I have done in Ontario, Canada. Your site is really interesting, thanks!