Sunday, October 29, 2006

Las Kapturski

An unusual title today - it should actually be Łas Kapturski but I'm not sure how many of my readers are going to see polish letters and how many will see squiggles instead! It translates to something along the line of "Hood's Wood". I ought to point out that this is completely unrelated to the people over at Hood's Woods
It is an area of woodland to the North East of Radom and home to a bike trail and a the local 4x4 club amongst other things. It is a nice mixed area of woodland with a variety of trees and hopefully some interesting wildlife.
I found a beech tree with a large quantity of empty shells from the beech mast below it. I wasn't able to find any of the nuts though and think the pair of woodpeckers I saw under the tree may have had something to do with that. I don't know if they were looking for nuts or something else but they definitely had the black and white woodpecker stripes and I was able to get to about 10 yards away as they were quite engrossed in their search.
I didn't take a lot kit with me as I had to walk about 3 miles, including past the police station, through town to get there. I did take the pouch from Singtek with my Swiss Army Knife in it. I'm really impressed with his work and the pouch is a great way of keeping the SAK out of the way but ready to hand when I want it. I cut a branch as a handle for a later project as well as 4 eight inch long bits of elder so I can have a go at making either pipe stems, pea shooters or a whistle - or all of them!
Had a bit of a scare loosing my bearings when I stopped to cut the elder so I turned to my button compass (I really rely very heavily on the sun to know which direction I'm going in and today was overcast and rainy.) However I hadn't checked it since I flew over and I found out today that the liquid is full of bubbles so the dial won't move freely. It's not too bad as I got back ok but I need to get a proper compass as it would be very stupid not to have a proper working one with me.
I did make one wonderful discovery though - I found my first ever edible mushrooms! Now if my mother is reading this she shouldn't worry as they are from a family where there are no poisonous members and as they have a sort of spongy texture rather than gills, along with a distinctive smell they are easy to identify. I was told all this info by my friends last month and the professional forrester they were friends with so I won't be poisoning myself. They are currently drying and will probably get chucked in some sort of casserole later in the winter. It depends how well they dry out as it was very wet and they weren't the most pristine examples.
All in all, despite getting very wet, it was a good afternoon out. I've got some resources for a few projects for the next few weeks now - I'll keep you all posted as to how I get on.


singteck said...

Hi Sam,

Glad to hear that the pouch is working well for you. Great to read all your stories.

Keep it up.