Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Conkers, the nut from the Horse Chestnut tree, are a traditional weapon of every schoolboy in Britain. The nuts are essentially posionous but the leaves can be used to make a natural antiseptic soap. It is collecting the hardest nuts which is most important as then you can bore a hole through the middle. Next you thread a shoe lace through the hole and voila! You have made the ten year old's equivalent of a mediaeval mace.
In theory the game has rules as described here although the conkers are as much weapons as toys to most boys. A couple of years ago in one of the daftest news stories a head master of a school proclaimed that the game could only be played whilst wearing safety goggles and leather gloves. Natrually the press took this up and claimed it was more EU health and safety legislation when in reality it was nothing of the sort - the head master simply thought that fewer people would play the game if they had to look stupid whilst doing it!


American Bushman said...

Conkers eh? Brilliant.

I'll have to see if we can't find some of those nuts around here.