Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend Away

Just got back from a weekend away at a friend's summer house in the forests to the south of here (just north west of Kielce).
I had a great time hunting for mushrooms , playing with puppy dachshunds, mushrooms hunting and chatting (or trying to) with the local forester.
Getting out into the countryside here shows the real differences - horse drawn ploughs, un finished roads, small scale farms and wooden houses.
I'll post more about dogs and mushrooms in turn as a change from trees (though according to the forester the birch is the slavic tree!) but for now I'll mention a couple of crafty bits. Firstly I finally managed to carve a sort of bird from a twig but it was still not that great as his feet snapped off. Oh well it was only my third attempt and I'm making progress pretty quickly already. Secondly my friend's family had the basket in today's photo which appears to be made entirely of hazel. A frame was made of sticks whereas the weavers are actually just similar sticks but split horizontally (like planks) to make them flexible. I presume this was all done with very green or wet wood as the whole construction is now very solid.