Saturday, September 30, 2006

Top Coat

I thought I'd mention one of my presents today even though I got it a few weeks ago. I got a North Shore wool coat from Bemidji Wooolen Mills in the US. It was about £100 and pretty good on poastage too. The company also seems fairly small and when I called about a problem with my card they dealt with it really quickly. The owner also answered my e-mails about sizing and such.
The coat itself is 80% wool as to go for 100% seems to double the price and I'm hoping that this will be enough to get all the benefits. It is a fairly heavy coat as it is made of thick cloth with a second cape like layer over the shoulders to help keep out the damp. The overall quality is superb and it seems that all the button holes have been done by hand as well.
I also picked up a railroad cap at the same time as it gets really cold here in winter and I don't mind looking daft if it keeps my ears from freezing!
In all I seriously recommend this company if you are looking for tradtional woolen clothing.